Jackson St – Poor Parking

A darkened night. A lovely old house. A 1970 Pontiac Grand Prix. A mystery to be solved by the 700 block of Jackson Street…

The scene of the crime, being watched over by an ever-vigilant sentry (maybe just a fireman) – time to attempt to solve this heinous flaunting of the justice system…
The gaping hole… perhaps it was once the front of a garage?  The architectural elements would certainly support that supposition. There’s a car inside, but something looks amiss here…
Our culprit! A Pontiac Grand Prix! And it’s nowhere near the part of the garage clearly demarcated by the brickwork in the previous photograph for parking cars. The door is ajar, and some rubble has fallen into it…

Yup. Looks like a clear case of some idiot driving a car into a garage without opening the garage door, losing control, veering off to the the right, and plowing through a pile of junk – knocking it aside – before coming to a stop in the corner. Case closed.

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